Meet the new Otis

For over 160 years, Otis has been dedicated to moving the world. Now it’s time for the company that helped define the urban skyline to redefine itself.

Check out how we’re evolving our iconic brand to embrace a smarter, connected future.

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Our story

Our brand represents both our legacy of excellence and our vision of a more connected future. Here are the values that drive everything we do.

Industry innovating

Our brand is built on a legacy of boldness.

From the moment Elisha Otis cut the cord on his new invention at the World’s Fair, we have dared to change the world in bold new ways. Our brand refresh will tap into that audacious spirit.

people powered

We exist to move people, not machines.

From connecting our riders to unforgettable experiences to inspiring a new generation of urban designers – everything we do is with you in mind.

Future ready

Technology is connecting the world in incredible new ways.

We are putting our experience and ingenuity to work to make buildings smarter, more intuitive and deliver more exceptional experiences for every rider.

Hands-on support

We roll up our sleeves to get it done.

We love challenges – that’s why we deliver the personal and unique service that meets the needs of each and every customer.

Our brand

Audacious, yet authentic, our brand components are inspired by the world that we’ve been connecting our passengers to for over a century and a half.

Made to move you

Otis Sunrise

Otis Warm Gray

Otis Violet

Otis Classic Blue

Otis Sandstone

Bringing our brand to life

If you’re an Otis Marketing or Communications employee and wish to access art files for various customer-facing marketing collateral please request access to the Otis Brand Portal by sending an email to

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